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  Valentina Rusu-Ciobanu

Valentina Rusu-Ciobanu
Born in Chisinau on October 28th 1920

1938-1940 - The School of Arts from Chisinau
1942-1944 - The Academy of Arts from Iasi, Romania
1944-1946 - The Republican School of Fine Arts "I.Repin", Chisinau

Personal Exhibitions in the Republic:
1961 - Chisinau
1984 - The State Art Museum of the MSSR, Chisinau
2000 - The National Library of Moldova, Chisinau

Group Exhibitions in the Republic:
1947-1980 - participates in almost all exhibitions organized by the Union of Plastic Artists from Moldova

Moldova Plastic Artists Exhibitions Abroad:
1957 - Moscow, Russian Federation
1961 - Sofia, Bulgaria
1963 - Warsaw, Poland
1968 - Montreal, Canada
1970, 1971 - Plovdiv, Bulgaria
1975 - Bucuresti, Romania
1975 - Iraq
1975 - Syria

Participations (workshops, creation camps, symposia):
1949 - Workshop, Moscow, Russian Federation
1951, 1952 - Creation camp, Senej, Russian Federation
1954 - Creation camp from Abramtzevo, Russian Federation

1974 - Laureate of the State Prize of the MSSR

1961 - The Order "Insigna de Onoare" (The Badge of Honor)
1985 - The People's Plastic Artist from the MSSR; The Master of Fine Arts from the MSSR

The Portrait of the Film Director Emil Loteanu, 1964, oil on canvas,119x113
Planting of Trees, 1961, oil on canvas, 122x144
Small Breakfast, 1979-1980, oil on canvas, 125x120
Writer Serafim Saca, 1996, oil on canvas, 69x59
Doctor's Visit, 1971, oil on canvas, 160x145
Girl at the Window, 1957, oil on canvas, 60x50
At the Masked Ball, oil on canvas, 117,7x53,5
Fire Works, 1966, oil on canvas, 132x94
The Portrait of the Actor Dumitru Fusu, 1964, oil on canvas, 128x95
At Dancing, 1957, oil on canvas, 115x240

Critical Review:
Valentina Rusu-Ciobanu's intelligence and her boundless imagination are the principal factors which reveal the mirific assets of the realistic art, so to say a poetic realism of a specific spirituality.

S. Bobernaga

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