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  Mihai Tarus

Mihai Tarus
Born in Sinesti, Ungheni on December 10th, 1948

1964 - Graduate of the School of Fine Arts "A.V.Sciusev", Chisinau
1968 - Graduate of the Republican College of Fine Arts "Al.Plamadeala", Chisinau
1971-1973 - Individual Studies in V.Sterligov's workshop, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
1975 - Graduate of the Academy of Plastic Arts from Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

Personal Exhibitions in the Republic:
1996 - The Exhibitional Centre "C.Brancusi", Chisinau
1999 - "Time Space in the Picture", the National Art Museum of Moldova, Chisinau
2001 - "Signs", the Exhibitional Centre "C.Brancusi", Chisinau

Personal Exhibitions Abroad:
1981 - Scientists House, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
1997 - Galleries of the Parliament of Romania, Bucharest
1998 - "Soittoa Vareilla", Kotka, Finland
2001 - Cite internationale des Arts, Paris, France

Group Exhibitions in the Republic:
1990 - "Our Romanian Language", the Exhibitional Centre "C.Brancusi", Chisinau
1994 - "Moldova Art Salons", the Exhibitional Centre "C.Brancusi", Chisinau
2002 - "Sculpture at the Joining of Millennia", the Exhibitional Centre "C.Brancusi", Chisinau

International Exhibitions:
1975 - "Exhibitions of Non-Conformist Painters", Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
1991 - "Russia - Soviet Contemporary Art", Bompodo Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
1991 - "Art Jonction Internationale", Nice, France
1991 - "In Richtung zu Malewitch", Karenina Gallery, Vienna, Austria
1996 - "Side by Side with Sterligov", the Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
1996 - "Messages from Tristan Tzara. Reflections in RE…", the National Art Museum of Moldova, Chisinau 1997 - "Alla Fiera", Rota Ross Gallery, Italy
2000 - "Schilderkunst uit Sint-Petersburg Vandaag, Gent, Belgium

Participations (workshops, creation camps, symposia):
1996 - Creation Camp from Tescani, Romania
2001 - Professional Retraining. Cite internationale des arts, Paris, France

1999 - The Master in Art of the Republic of Moldova

Saint Petersburg on Vasilevsky Island, 1971, oil on canvas, 47x61
Fruit, 1977, object, wood, plaster, tempera, 28x30x3
Flying Forms, 1994, oil on canvas, 100x110
Landscape, 1989, oil on canvas, 91x123
Concert in White -Black, 1993, oil on canvas, 100x125
Tescani, View from Above, 1996, oil on canvas, 80x80
Flowers as a Sign, 1995, oil on canvas, 61x50
Musical Hieroglyph,1998, oil on canvas, 60x73
Signs "G-NG-AB", 2000, triptych, oil on canvas, 124x128
The Sign of Form, 2001, oil on canvas, 105x145
The Sign's Amplitude, 2002, oil on canvas, 120x80

Critical Review:
To the series "Signs".
The "Signs" however reminded me about Hesse's mysterious novel "The Game with Glass Beads". Tarus's those colored panels more often of great dimensions with ascetic forms purified from any irrevocable formal "verbalization" where only the balance and the dialogue of touch with their light colours possess something as strange as that (catarrhal) atmosphere described by Hesse in his novel, written during the total international massacre when fascism was thought to strangle the whole world… The "Signs" have something alarming in themselves, a sublimate dynamics which truly speaking is supported at all nor too recently but one may understand an "earnest", "mature" dynamics full of deep senses even if the latter are not accessible to some hasty and absent-minded spirits. These senses must be extracted, picked up, taken out of "archives" because as the author prevented us in a text printed in the catalogue we are dealing with time compressed, and this means another existential rhythm more diverse than ours. The inherent tensions in such a situation are worth being discussed apart. This overpasses the limits of a review".

Vladimir Bulat

Contact details:
Telephone: (373 2) 46-06-42
Telephone: (373 2) 44-97-08

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